Scott Clark Flooring is licenced to handle any of your Residential and Commercial Flooring needs.

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Our Services

Residential Flooring

Whether you are building your custom dream home, updating your existing home, or restoring a historical home to its former glory, Scott Clark Flooring can help with the flooring decisions. From consultation on the the perfect stain color to suggesting the latest sustainable materials, we will ensure your desired look is installed with precision. 

Our Services

Commercial Flooring

Scott Clark Flooring has worked with hundreds of Builders and Business Owners over the years. Whether it’s on a tract of homes or a downtown building, they make sure that the consultation includes durability for high-traffic areas, aesthetics for the employees working at the business, and cost and speed the owners expect.

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Athletic and Educational Flooring

Gym floors need to be refinished every 8 to 10 years. The process is sanding the floor down to the bare wood and applying seal, paint, and finish, and they all restore the luster of the older wood floor surface. This is essential to ensure the long life and performance of your gym floor. 

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